X-Ray Tetra: Goldfinch of the Water

X-Ray Tetra, a.k.a Pristella maxillaris a.k.a Golden Pristella Tetra a.k.a Water Goldfinch--those are the many names of this tiny fish that lives in the Amazon's waters. Although it is related to around one hundred other Tetra species, it is the only fish of its genus.

X-Ray Tetra prefer the fresh water but can also be found in brackish water close to the coast. and can be found in Brazil, Guyana, Guiana and Venezuela. It lives in big schools in deep water in the area between the middle and the bottom and is quite peaceful.

It eats worms, insects and small shell-fish and is eaten by frogs, birds and other big fish. Like us, it remains awake during the day and sleeps at night.

The X-Ray Tetra lives between 2 to 5 years. You can easily recognize it from its yellow, black and white striped fins and its golden or silvery body that glistens and looks translucent. Female fish and male fish look similar but the female are rounder and bigger than the males.

The X-Ray Tetra has special features in its bones that makes it very good at hearing things. Because it looks transparent, its enemies can't find and hunt it easily in the shifting and shimmering water.


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