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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Minkie Monkey lives with her family in a nest on a tree deep in the jungle. She is the biggest gossip in the whole forest. In fact, she is a big chatterbox. She chatters all the time—to the deer and the squirrel and the rabbits and the birds—and she knows all there is to know about everything in the jungle.

All the small animals like Minkie Monkey, but the tiger hates her! You know why? From her perch on the tree, Minkie can see far and wide and when she sees the tiger lurking about, looking for an animal to pounce on, she begins her chattering. Then the birds hear her and start squawking and soon all the animals know that the tiger is nearby and they run to safety. The poor tiger has to go hungry and start his hunt all over again!

Minkie Monkey's Tiger Song

The tiger is big and black and yellow
He is such a dangerous fellow
If you see him, don’t think—just run!
Or your life won’t by any fun.

And while it’s true all tigers have stripes,
There are tigers of many types
Siberian, Sumatran, two Chinese types[1] and Bengal
That’s five, but don’t stop yet, that’s not quite all—
There used to be three more in the den
The Javan, the Balinese and the Caspian
You won’t find them now, they’re all dead
Sleeping in heaven’s eternal bed.

That’s terrible, and it makes me so sad
Because tigers are big, but they’re not all bad.
It’s true they hunt small animals to kill
But they have their big stomachs to fill.
They kill to eat, like you humans do too—
Chickens, goats, fish, rabbits and even a kangaroo or two!
Unlike people, though, the tiger never kills for fun
In fact, when he sees humans, the stupid tiger should run!

[1] The Indo-Chinese and the South Chinese