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Saturday, April 23, 2016


How many of these famous tigers do you know? A few of them are real and the others belong to the world of books, cartoons and movies.

CHAMPAWAT was a man-eater tigress who killed 437 people in Northern India before she herself was hunted and killed by the famous hunter, Jim Corbett in 1907.

KITTY, the cartoon sabre tooth tiger is the Rubble family pet in The Flintstones!

RAJAH is Jasmine’s protector in the 1992 Disney
movie, Aladdin.

MOHUN was the name given to the white tiger captured by the Maharaja of Rewa in 1951. Mohun can be said to be the ancestor of most of the white tigers who are bred in captivity in zoos all over the world! You can read more about Mohun here

TIGER TIM was the first ever cartoon tiger to appear in a
British newspaper in a strip entitled Mrs
Hippo’s Kindergarten published in 1904.

DANIEL TIGER is a puppet who lives in a clock in the once popular children’s television show, Mr Roger’s Neighbourhood.

TIGGER is one of Winnie the Pooh’s friends. Tigger looks like a tiger but likes bouncing around on his tail.

Beware of SHERE KHAN,  Jungle Book’s smooth, dangerous and supremely cunning villain. His mind is set on eating the man-cub Mowgli.

Just take a look at a Kellog’s Frosties box and you’ll know who  TONY THE TIGER is!

Calvin’s stuffed toy tiger in the cartoon strip Calvin and Hobbes is good-natured, intelligent, friendly, and enthusiastic. He always greets Calvin at the door with a high-velocity leap. Do you know his name?

He is HOBBES, of course!

image credits: for Champawat for Kitty for Rajah for Tiger Tim for Daniel for Tigger for Shere Khan for Tony for Hobbes


Gargi Das said...

Thank you for an interesting page, beautiful to the eye as well. The tiger with Col. Corbett is of course the 'Bachelor of Powalgarh'. Having walked extensively through Kumaon,enjoyed your page all the more.


Appreciate the comment, Gargi. The site credited for Champavat's picture (at the bottom of the page)had this picture up and I don't have your personal knowledge, so I stand corrected. Will definitely check the www for another picture. I've been to the Jim Corbett museum several times but admire the fact that you've walked the Kumaon area!