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Friday, April 22, 2016


Everybody collects sea shells on the beach. Aren’t they beautiful? Have you seen how many different sizes, shapes and designs they come in? Do you know that these shells belonged animals who have died or those who have over-grown and abandoned them? If you put a large shell against your ear, you’ll hear a gushing sound. My mother used to say it was the sound of the sea talking to me. I have always believed that.
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What do you do with your shells when you come back from the beach? Do you put them in a packet and forget about them? Do they get thrown in the trash after a while? I have some fun ideas that I think you will like. If you have any other ideas, will you let me know? I have a large collection of shells from all over the world!

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Well, the first thing that I do when I get back home from the sea is to catalogue the different kind of shells that I have found. If I see a particular design that I like, I draw and colour it in my scrap book. If there is a shape that fascinates me, I draw it too, and describe it. I now have a thick book filled with the designs and shapes of many shells. I think it is lovely!

I have a big aquarium at home and sometimes, I take some really well washed and cleaned new shells and line the gravel with them. They look so beautiful in the water, especially if the lights are on! Now you must remember that the water will eventually wear the shells away, so if you want to preserve them you must remember to change them frequently—at least once or twice a month!

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With the small, tiny shells, I make designer tooth-picks! It is really easy I guarantee it will be a wonderful present for your mother on her birthday. All you have to do is stick a tiny shell on the top of each tooth-pick with superglue. And once it dries, you can have the loveliest tooth-picks in the whole world for your mother’s snacks.

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For your Dad, you can make a photo-frame with shells that he can put on his office desk. He will love it even more if you put your best photograph in it. Again, it is really easy. Take a plain old photo-frame from home, the older and rustier the better and stick shells on it. You won’t believe how new and attractive it will become!
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I found a wonderful site with lots of sea-shell craft ideas for you:
Hurry up and make some while the summer is still here! Then take a picture of your craft and post it here.
I'll be waiting to hear from you.


avdi said...

Wonderful ideas ! I love shells and hope to spend some time at a beach collecting them soon ! Just filling the pretty ones in a glass bowl is good too. I like the picture frame idea.

A Tarkabarka Hölgy said...

I love collecting sea shells! It's just hard to find beaches with really good ones... I have to travel more :)

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