On December 22, 2009
Ranee Bua smiled all day
The weather was fine—
dry and cool and filled with sunshine
A sure sign
That something special was coming her way!

That afternoon at Amausi
Dadi and Veera got on a plane
The seat was cushy
The flight was busy
Veera was dizzy
It was 3 hours before they could get down again.

The flight was early; the luggage collected
But where was Sanjib Papa?
Veera and Dadi waited and waited
Tired and bored, Veera hated
the wait, but it was fated—
Sanjib Papa was stuck in traffic in his car!

Finally, they were home and Rubik-Ziggy
Asterix, Sushma didi and Ranee Bua,
laughing and shouting loudly,
were hugging and kissing Veera and Dadi.
The whole house was filled with glee!
Husein Papa, Anju Bua and Samir completed the picture.

With lots of food and tons of masti,
the days passed by fast and blurry.
One day, it was cold and nasty
So Anju Bua took them all to South City
and Sparks and Garden Café for Dosa and Idly.
Time ran away in such a hurry!

Ranee Bua’s Christmas tree
had twinkling lights and ribbons and stars galore
and a Santa smiling merrily
and a beautiful fairy
and lots of presents for everybody.
Veera was thrilled to the core!

Veera spent Xmas at Anju Bua’s.
It was all fantastic fun
and good girl that Veera was
Santa’s gifts wouldn’t pause.
Naturally, they gave Veera cause
To dance Dhan-dhana-dhan-dhan!

On Boxing day, Veera, Dadi, Rubik, Ziggy
Asterix, Ranee Bua, and Sanjib Papa
drove to a river wide as the sea,
went for a ride on a fishing dinghy,
ate samosas, chips, stew and mishti—
What a lovely way to end the year!
Pizza, paratha, pasta, pakora
Makki ki roti, sarson ka sag, parshad,
Chinese, Italian—all kinds of khana;
they ate enough to feed all of Ghana!
They should’ve been reported to the thana.
Because finally, their systems collapsed!

Then out came the Carmozyme,
Bio 25, Aqua Ptychotis, Digene and Rantac;
Coke and O2 and soda and lime;
And fasting, not feasting. For some time,
Eating had become a crime.
Eventually, they fought back the tummy attack!

Before they knew it, it was Saturday
Anju Bua, Husein Papa and Samir were back
And it was Anju Bua’s birthday!
It was late, but she came all the way
From Kathmandu to pay
Dadi a visit; she didn’t even unpack!

Sunday with Anju Bua at the mall—
Shopping and walking until feet began to ache;
Then back to Sushma didi’s coffee and Asterix’s ball,
Chatting and knitting in Ranee Bua’s hall;
The TV blaring with no one to heed its call.
In the evening, Anju Bua finally cut her birthday cake.

All of a sudden, it was time to go
Where did the 2 weeks disappear?
Dadi finished Ziggy’s jumper, which she immediately wore.
Last minute shopping, packing, talking and feeling low—
Rub-Zig-Bua wanted much, much more.
Why did they leave so soon? They just got here!

Dadi and Veera got on a plane once more
And went back to Lucknow
Bapu and Mom were happy for sure!
Veera’s smile, shy and demure
Filled their hearts with joy so pure—
“Never again!” in they minds they vow!

But it’s a different story in Calcutta
Rubik-Ziggy keep sighing and saying “if only…”
Sushma didi keeps looking for “Meera”
Asterix misses Dadi and Veera
(and especially Veera’s slipper!)
The house feels so sad and empty and lonely.


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