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Thursday, April 14, 2016


Have you thought about the leaves
How they hang from trees in sheaves
Light, dark, thick, thin, big and small
Smooth, rough, blunt, sharp, short and tall.
See them rustling in the breeze
See them dressing up the trees!

Some we chop and cook and eat
Some add flavour to our meat.
Some we dry, curl, boil and drink
Sometimes black, sometimes with milk.
Some are good for our sore throats
Some protect our sarees and coats!

Leaves feed their trees and plants
They feed animals, birds and ants.
They line nests to keep baby birds warm
They shelter worms and save them from harm.
See them, feel them, smell them— and please—
Pay attention to the leaves on the trees!

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Try this leaf quiz:1. Name 5 leaves that we cook and eat.
2. Name 5 leaves that we eat raw.
3. Name 5 leaves we use to flavour our food.
4. Name the leaf that we "dry, curl, boil and drink"
5. Name 5 leaves that are used as medecines.

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