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Saturday, January 7, 2012


Guru Gharial sits on a muddy bank all day, his eyes three-quarters closed, unmoving, like a dirty, mossy, slimy rock.

You wouldn’t even notice him unless you looked very carefully. He really blends into the marshy, dark green and brown landscape.

And if you did notice him, you’d think he was a lazy critter, sleeping and sunning himself, barely moving all day. You’d be wrong, of course! Guru Gharial can move as fast as lightning when he wants to!

Guru Gharial’s family has been around for a long time—longer than our first human ancestor was a bubble in the earth’s gene-pool! His type has hunted with the dinosaurs.

Guru Gharial is a survivor. His family has lived through meteor showers and cataclysmic climate changes and whatever disaster killed all the dinosaurs.But as he sits and meditates today, he is unsure whether the Gharials, Alligators and Crocodiles will survive the rule of man.

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