For the MHS Lotus N0-longer-buds-but-BLOOMS-about-to-WITHER--you know who you are! You've inspired me to go back. Have fun reading this! I'll wait for the comments and riposts.
Here goes:

My first day at MHS, in Class Three--
Three tall "big-girls" laughed at me.
Bewildered and bullied, I cried like a baby.

Mrs Langrana, we heard, and we were all heart-broken.
Class Four was the year we began writing with a pen
I made friends. I grew. I liked school then.

Class Five has almost slipped from memory
All I remember is Mrs Ganges and Geography
And one lunch break, when a kite scratched Priti.

Algebra and Geometry with Mrs Narayanswamy
"Jhalchips," Rounders, Special French and TT
Class Six was abuzz with activity.

The School Play, pranks, parodies, love comics and Bobby
Class Seven reverberates as the year of epiphany
Miss Scolt growled "Pack up and Get Out!" regularly.

Messers D'Souza and Mullick made Class Eight my hell--
13 in Algebra; my first red mark in English! Nothing went well!!
It was all work. Except for the play--that was swell!

By Class Nine I'd caught the acting bug beyond limit.
Two School Plays later, it was time for Bertha Mason to commit
Suicide from atop the teacher's desk--Willy gave me six demerits!

Class Ten with Chhanda Bose was quite inspirational
One test after another--still, life was never dull
The last day, the whole class had a "bawl."

Eleven and Twelve, we felt quite aloof
Not part of the school, although we shared a roof.
Then came the end--and OOF!!

Each one of us felt a sickening pain.
MHS would never be "our" school again!


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